Is the Toilet at the Bottom Leaking? This Could Be the Cause of the Issue

You never realise how important a working toilet is until one breaks down. Entering your bathroom to discover a large puddle around the base of your toilet is enough to make you want to call a plumber right away, and who can blame you? A leaking toilet is not only unclean, but it can also result in water damage to your floors or walls. But, believe it or not, a toilet that is leaking at the base isn’t always as serious as you may assume. This is why, before calling a plumber, you should learn about the probable causes and how to remedy them.

Condensation in a Bowl or a Tank

We all want to avoid calling a plumber to fix our toilets only to discover that the problem was never truly a problem at all. Condensation is a common problem that doesn’t require the services of a plumber, especially if you reside in a humid environment. Take some paper towels and wipe the base of your toilet down to see if the excess water is a small annoyance or a symptom of a major problem. Flush the toilet once all of the water at the toilet’s base has been absorbed. If there is no water pooling at the base, your leaking toilet is just a case of condensation. Just keep a watch out for a buildup of moisture around the toilet’s base, as this could cause harm to the flooring. Place towels around the base if necessary to absorb extra moisture until the condensation dissipates.

Hoses for water supply

Do you have any of those little hoses that come out of the wall and connect to your toilet? They could, in fact, be the source of your toilet problems. Over time, those hoses may become broken or worn down, resulting in a slow and constant trickle from your water supply line into your floor. The source of the leak could be the supply line or the connections that connect the hoses to the water line and/or tank. If you have a modern home, you may only need to lightly tighten the lines to lock the connections and establish a watertight seal. If tightening the fittings does not stop the leak, your water supply hose may need to be replaced. This is something that should be done by a professional.

Bolts in the toilet closet are loose.

Another thing you can do is make sure your toilet is securely fastened to the floor. Your toilet, believe it or not, can become loose from its base, causing a problem every time the toilet is flushed. Two bolts, sometimes covered with covers, should be visible at the base of your toilet. A wax ring sits beneath those bolts. When you flush the toilet, if the wax ring does not make a watertight seal, the toilet will leak from the base. Your plumber will need to remove the toilet, inspect the wax ring for damage, and gently tighten the bolts that secure your toilet to the floor to resolve this issue. Tightening some loose toilet closet bolts may appear to be a simple DIY project, but if the wax ring is destroyed or you overtighten the bolts, you’ll have a far bigger problem on your hands. Overtightening the bolts that hold your toilet to the base can cause it to split or shatter. As a result, hiring an expert is advised.

Ring of Wax

If your leak persists after all other possibilities have been checked out, your leak could be caused by a deteriorating wax ring. In order to avoid water leakage, wax rings must be air and watertight. So, how can you know if it’s your wax ring or something else? You may be able to smell when your wax ring needs to be replaced, in addition to water accumulating around the base of your toilet. If your toilet has a rotten egg odour, it’s a sign that your wax ring has a void or separation, and the seal has been damaged. If your toilet wobbles, it’s a sign that your wax ring needs to be replaced. This indicates that it is most likely resting on a cracked flange. The process of replacing the wax ring entails removing and reinstalling the entire toilet, which might take many hours. It’s advisable to employ an expert to conduct the job to avoid a future issue.


Plumbing Service by a Professional

What should you do now that you know the various causes of your leaking toilet? If the situation necessitates replacing the toilet closet bolts and/or wax ring, it’s preferable to get the help of a professional plumber. Despite the fact that both jobs are not extremely difficult, if they are not completed correctly, they may result in more damage and costly repairs. A leaking toilet is inconvenient, but a flooded bathroom is disastrous. Call your local Mr. Rooter if your toilet is leaking around the base. We have the experience and expertise to rapidly diagnose the problem and provide you with cost-effective treatment choices.

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