The Best Plumbing Upgrades for Your Master Bathroom Renovation

If you’re thinking of renovating your master bathroom, you’ve certainly seen a lot of articles online about the latest technologies, designs, and gizmos to consider. While skimming through that material might be entertaining and even beneficial, the core parts of your bathroom (such as plumbing, drainage, and different safety components) should be at the top of your upgrade list. So, before you begin your bathroom makeover, make sure you complete these upgrades first.

Plumbing Lines Replaced

Various plumbing modifications and repairs may be required depending on the size and complexity of your bathroom remodel. Certain bathroom amenities necessitate the installation of new or additional pipes to ensure proper water usage and drainage. Remember that failing to make the necessary core plumbing upgrades could end up costing you a lot of money in the long run. Consider the probable plumbing changes that must be made before you can begin the project, even if you are enthusiastic about finally installing a bidet.

While a new faucet or soaker tub may be at the top of your list, there are other factors of your bathroom redesign to think about, such as the size of your drain. Many bathroom drains have a diameter of 1.5 inches, while others might be as tiny as 1.25 inches. The drainage quality in your bathroom will improve substantially if you increase the size of your drain to 2 inches in diameter. If you have numerous family members sharing the same bathroom, the size of your drain is extremely important. Failure to update your drain size could result in a future problem.

Anti-Scald Devices are a safety feature.

Thousands of youngsters and elderly are scalded by hot tap water each year, resulting in serious injuries that require treatment in hospitals around the country. As a result, many elders and families opt to install anti-scald devices. Anti-scald valves, also known as tempering valves or mixing valves, mix cold water with hot water that is being dispensed from the water heater. As a result, the temperature of the outgoing water does not become dangerously hot. Installing an anti-scald device can assist keep you and your loved ones safe if you are a senior or have children or grandchildren.

Plumbing Services by Professionals

All parts of your bathroom redesign can be handled by Mr. Rooter. Our objective is to serve you and your family with the best service possible, whether it’s determining which plumbing changes to make or learning more about drainage and safety features. We stand by our work and go above and above to complete the task fast (and correctly!) so you can return to enjoying your home. To learn more about the wide range of services we provide, contact us today!

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